We include a nutritional overview of the program and medications. These will be explained so clients know how the program and medication will help aid in their weight loss. Clients are educated on how the many years of studies and testing have proved that what we offer really works. Clients also learn how to read a label and make good choices with their eating. Our clients may enjoy eating regular store bought food, take out and fresh or packaged food as long as it follows their nutritional guidelines.


We offer different appetite suppressants to our clients.

B6 and B12
Fat blockers
Lipo-C Injections - The Next Generation of Fat Loss
Caralluma Plus - A Natural Fat Blocker
Calcium Pyruvate - Muscle Retention & Fat Blocker

The diet is high in protein, low in carbs, fats and sugar. If you would like to know more about our products feel free to contact us.


We have an alternative program offered to clients who cannot or wish to not take the medication. It utilizes the same program as the medical one but our clients will only use a natural herbal appetite suppressant rather than the medical one.